Marie Curie Conferences and Training on SKADS  
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MCCT Program

Past Workshops and Schools

download document The SKA and Digital Signal Processing
9th-13th November 2009, University of Manchester, UK
download document Towards third generation calibration in radio astronomy
27 September – 10 October 2009, Nançay, France
download document Towards the SKA: increasing the evolution rate in radio astronomy
24-28 August 2009, Paris, France
download document Multifield and multibeam science with SKA
15-27 March 2009, Oxford, UK
download document Deep Field Imaging with the SKA
25-29 August 2008, Cambridge, UK
download document Radioastronomy: Fundamentals and the New Instruments
26 August - 4 September 2008, Siguenza, Spain
download document Astronomy in the Next Decade: Synergies with the Square Kilometre Array
14-18 April 2008, Bonn, Germany
download document Science and Instrumentation workshop on Wide-field Imaging and Calibration
2-7 March 2008, Groningen, The Netherlands
download document Design of Wideband Receiving Array Systems
26-30 November 2007, Dwingeloo (The Netherlands)
download document First MCCT-SKADS Training School
23-29 September 2007, Medicina (Bologna, Italy)
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