Marie Curie Conferences and Training on SKADS  
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MCCT Documents


download document Proceedings of the 3rd MCCT-SKADS Training School: Towards the SKA: increasing the evolution rate in radio astronomy
24 - 28 August 2009, Paris, France
download document Proceedings of the 2nd MCCT-SKADS Training School. Radio Astronomy: fundamentals and the new instruments
26 August - 4 September 2008, Sigüenza, Spain
download document Proceedings of the First MCCT-SKADS Training School
23-29 September 2007, Medicina, Italy


download document Description of Work
download document MCCT Handbook
download document Assessment Questionaire
download document Reporting Guidance Notes


download document SKADS-MCCT Controller’s Meeting Presentation
22 March 2007


download document SKADS-MCCT 4th Board Meeting
20 June 2008
download document SKADS-MCCT 3rd Board Meeting
17 January 2008
download document SKADS-MCCT 2nd Board Meeting
28 June 2007
download document SKADS-MCCT Kickoff Meeting
27 January 2007
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