Marie Curie Conferences and Training on SKADS  
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Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses on SKADS

The international community plans to develop the largest radio telescope in the world, called the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). In Europe astronomers and technicians are jointly working in the Square Kilometre Array Design Studies (SKADS) to design the most advanced concept for the SKA.

The next generation of technical academics and astronomers needs to be trained so they can use this new telescope that will pose a challenge to the community in terms of technology, data-transport, calibration and data handling. The SKADS Marie Curie Conferences and Training program aims at preparing the new generation by knowledge transfer on both a European and global level between the experienced scientists in the current project and the young students and scientists.

The program features the following components:

  • Schools on Radio Astronomy Fundamentals and the New Instruments
  • Astronomical Workshops on the Scientific Aspects of SKA
  • Technical Workshops on Antennas and Enabling Technologies for SKA
  • Practical Assignments where young scientists are trained on the job in the SKADS project

MCCT-SKADS is funded by Marie Curie Actions within the European Commission Framework Programme 6.

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